In a photo illustration, SARCOS, (above, cheating) an animatronic robot built by the SARCOS Research Corp., a Salt Lake City robotics company, appears to peer at the seven-card-stud hand of one of the engineers responsible for creating him, Scott Reynolds (above, at right, with technicians Doren Prue, center, and Charles Ledger). Like many entertainment robots, this one does not sense its environment or react to it. Instead, it either follows the script of a computer program or is remotely controlled by an operator wearing a sensor suit.

Origin of Name
Named after its creator and fabricator, SARCOS Research Corporation - SARCOS is derived from the Greek root 'sarco,' which means muscle; hence the words 'sarcomere,' the basic unit of muscle, and 'sarcous,' which means composed of muscle

1.88 m
145 kg

63 sensors
Frame Composition
Aircraft-grade aluminum with vacuum-formed polycarbonate covering

External Power
220 V AC single phase and 3 phase power, 600 psi hydraulic pump, 120 psi air compressor
Actuator type, number, and kind
45 (linear and rotary hydraulic actuators, linear pneumatic actuators)

Project Status
The project is complete, and this particular unit was custom built for the Carnegie Science Center.
Information Source
Fraser Smith