Karcher 2000 Photo

Sucking up a recumbent smoker's ashes in a London living room, the RoboVac - shown here in a photo-illustration - shuttles randomly around the area, vacuuming everything in its path. Buildt by Karcher, a German appliance company, the RoboVac monitors the level of dirt in the stream of incoming air with its optical sensors - that is, it detects when an area especially needs cleaning. When the RoboVac hits a grimy spot, the machine passes back and forth over it until the incoming air is clean - and with it, presumably, the floor.

Origin of Name
Company Name

Facilitates cleaning duties in private households

9.3 cm
280 cm

1.4 kg
Robot is still a prototype, therefore I can't give you at the moment all the technical data

Person-Hours to Develop Project
8-1/2 man-years for the hardware, 3-1/2 man-years for software

Project Status
Market launch planned for January 2001
Information Source
Frank Schad