Gryphon Photo

Aerospace engineer Scott Newbern programs the flight computer in the Gryphon, one of the prototypes in the fleet of small robot jets under development at AeroVironment, a company founded in 1971 by inventor Paul MacCready. The Gryphon flies without a rudder or tail stabilizer. Instead, the operator controls the plane, which is powered by a miniature jet engine, with the many tiny, specially designed flaps that control the flow of air over its wings.

Origin of Name
Mythological flying creature - half lion, half eagle


Investigation of Modular Monolithic MEMS (M-cubed) as an alternative to conventional aircraft controls

1.4 m
Wing Span
1.8 m
10.4 kg
IMU, MEMS shear stress sensor arrays (-200 sensors total)
Frame Composition

$60,000 (AeroVironment, hardware only), Caltech and UCLA prototype MEMS hardware: $?

Project Status
Uncertain - DARPA Funding will end in a few months for first Generation, second generation is in construction
Funding Agency

Information Source
Scott Newbern