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Its skin partially removed to reveal its inner workings, this prototype robot baby can mimic the facial expressions of a human infant by changing the contours of its lifelike rubber face. Called Baby IT, the mechanical tot is yet more proof that much robotic research will see its first commercial application in the toy and entertainment industry. My Real Baby, the market version of Baby IT, is scheduled to debut in U.S. stores in late 2000; it is a collaboration between Hasbro, the U.S. toy giant, and iRobot, a small company started by MIT researcher Rodney Brooks. Sensors beneath the doll's skin respond to a child's touch, so the robot giggles when tickled and requests a bottle after a certain period of play. Colin Angle, CEO of iRobot, confidently asserts that My Real Baby will sell so much that the company "will own Christmas 2000."

Origin of Name
IT was the earlier face robot. This is Baby IT
Prototype toy to try to get major toy manufacturers interested

Baby size
Baby size

Baby weight


Orientation, reed switches, microphone, light sensor
Frame Composition
Plush body, machined plastic box-frame head
Actuator Type, Number, and Kind
5 very cheap electric motors

8 AA, 19 V battery
Cost of Components
Dirt cheap

Retail Price of My Real Baby (production model of Baby IT prototype)

Project Status
On sale Christmas 2000
Information Source
Colin Angle